Bingo Machine is designed to be easy-to-use. However, if you get stuck, please email me and I will be happy to help with your problem.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What devices does Bingo Machine support?

    Bingo Machine is available for iPhone and iPad in the App Store, and also as a Mac app in the Mac App Store.

    Bingo Machine supports any iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, running iOS 13 or later. Bingo Machine for Mac requires macOS Catalina or later.

  • How to show Bingo Machine on an external display?

    To show called balls on an external display, such as a TV or projector, there are two possible methods.

    You can stream wirelessly using AirPlay. This requires an Apple TV set-top box or an AirPlay-enabled TV set. Simply open Control Centre on your iPhone or iPad, select Screen Mirroring, and choose the AirPlay target. Bingo Machine will automatically show a custom interface on the external display.

    You can also connect your iOS device to a TV using a TV-Out cable. Purchase a compatible adapter (available at Amazon: US or UK) and use a HDMI cable to connect to the TV or projector. Bingo Machine should automatically detect the display output.

  • How to disable colloquial catchphrases like "two little ducks"?

    By default, Bingo Machine will generate a catchphrase for every ball. In English languages, this includes informal catchphrases like "Two little ducks, number two". However, this may not always be desirable.

    You can disable informal catchphrases if preferred. This means ball phrases are instead limited to wide-appeal number descriptions only, like "On its own, number two".

    To disable informal catchphrases, go to Bingo Machine settings. Show the Voice options and disable "Use Catchphrases".

  • What languages does Bingo Machine support?

    The Bingo Machine user interface is translated into English and Spanish. This means all controls, buttons and widgets feature English or Spanish text.

    However, Bingo Machine can generate catchphrases in more than 100 languages. This means ball phrases will be localized, even if the buttons and general user interface labels are in English.

    You can even change the caller language to something other than the system language; select from English, Chinese, Spanish, French or German.

    In regard to speech voices, Bingo Machine includes a synthesized voice that works with more than 100 languages. There are also English Male and English Femal voice modes, featuring real human voice recordings of all American and English bingo catchphrases.